The moving change of a former prostitute in Athens, Greece ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* The Greek Nun Porphyria when she was a taxi driver in Athens helped a prostitute woman to meet God & the Orthodox Faith


The moving change of a former prostitute in Athens, Greece


The Greek Nun Porphyria

when she was a taxi driver in Athens helped a prostitute woman

to meet God and the Orthodox Faith

Sister Nun Porphyria (+2015) was born and raised in Piraeus, Athens, Greece. Exercise at times various professions. For ten years (1997-2007) he worked as a taxi driver in Athens and Piraeus. Meet the modern virtuous and inserts Elder Porphyrios (now he is Saint Porphyrios) of books on the life and teachings. This acquaintance brought her closer to Christ and conscious Christian life. With a strong faith and deep love to God has been working His glory and the salvation of others. So the taxi became a modern pulpit, which led many to change life, blessed lesions. In recent years she became a nun with dual purpose: to fight distractions for salvation and to minister to the modern investigational human. Nun Porphyria died in Piraeus (Athens, Greece) on 2015.

The Nun Porphyria, tells us:

“The shift is my night, eleven o’clock in the evening. I driving in the street Piraeus to Square Omonia, the center of Athens. Inside the taxi, as usual, I was talking to my sweet Jesus. Spontaneously I told myself to Christ: “The first man who would I bore signal to stop, I will go him without money, sufficient to bring him near You. Does not stop it until it reached at the streets Piraeus and Menandrou. There in the corner stood a girl. Stop and look at her. Waiting customers for payday. Without thinking, I went near her.

-Good evening!

-Good evening!, she replied.

-You know, this time, I feel a lot of pain in my soul and I with someone to share.

She looked puzzled and says:

-Well, and you found me to talk?

-Yes! My heart tells me you’d understand me.

-You know what I do for myself?

-I see.

-And you want to talk with me?

-Yes! I want to talk with you. You’re wasting both today payday? May be able to help me and be saved.

-Come, he says reluctantly.

-OK, let’s go!

Threw a glance around her and went quickly into the taxi.

Glad I did, but puzzled; what I would say? “Oh my God! Come down and help me, what do I do now? What to tell? Once properly introduced, I said:

-Difficult professions choose to do, huh?

And so begins a very nice chat.

In the beginning around the taxi and difficulties. And timidly started to fall into its own life. However, we arrived at the Kavouri. I said:

-We will come down here to drink coffee and continue our conversation.

Then she told me something that moved me:

-I am not ashamed to go through together?

As I understand, the dress was different from mine, and also the whole look. I said:

-NO! I am not ashamed! Be ashamed of what brought you to this state! For me you are a sweet and tender creature of God.

We went in; looks all fell into upon us. But that does not interest me at all, nor the bruises that had been on her feet made me ashamed and start to run. For me that time was sacred. Should, with the help of God, to resurrect pasῃ sacrifice this girl. Should, with the help of God, to resurrect this girl.

Like other times, I feel that I didn’t speak, but someone else from me; through the same thing happened in this case; someone else to help push this girls. He told me all her life from her childhood until today. And also, how they had to bore this profession.

A profession painful, not just hard. This profession thee destroys the personality, dignity, forget if you are a man, I forget you, thou livest and function with want of others. You do not exist anywhere, because, apart from your flesh, that is why he has nothing. So we’re obliged to obey them. That is, you are in obedience of the devil and not of God. The difficulty of this art to hear for the first time this evening. Believe me, a sword pierced my heart! Confession this girl with so much hurt, pain attributable not remember to have felt in my life!

Then I started to speak about God and the great happiness which we gives when we are with Him; spoke to the Virgin and our how sweet, tender and protective is for her children. Talked about the wonders of our Saints, For the Elder Porphyrios of Athens, for the miracles that lived in the taxi and many people with me. Spoke about the power of confession, Holy Communion and for a lot of issues around the God and faith. Tried to persuade her to change her life, letting my tears running then unstoppable, holding her hands tenderly.

When anymore, tired from the crying, I told her: “Time is going,” I paid and got up to leave.

When you reach the taxi and waited for the big surprise. He came close to me and says:

-Lets me hug?

-And, of course, be hugged, I told her with much joy.

Hugged me and then burst into sobs. Through sobs of them told me:

-Help me, help me, your God sent you to me, help me to change my life, I tired to make this work! I am very new, as you say and you, although I feel a hundred years old. Help me make a new start, to do a family, to have children. You are right, I can be restarted from the beginning. Your God sent you to me. Please, take me in your God and, please, tell him me and give me what I gave you. And I become happy and joyful as much as you.

I promised to help her. I host her for one month in my house. One month agonizing and dangerous to me. Because, as you know, these girls have someone who “protects”. Risked my life sometimes. But I was sure that God would not happen to me any harm; contrary would help me save this girl; because He sent me to her.

So this is happened; From that night her life changed integrator. Today she is married, happy and near to God, and she has two kids.

That night was blessed, was divine! “.

Mikrolimano, Piraeus, Athens, Greece

Athens of my heart…!


Greek book: Fr. John Costoff, God was Manifested – From Atheism to Christ, Ed. St. John of Damascus, Athens 2011

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